Vignelli Technik Projects

Our projects are primarily B2B, SaaS web applications. Our commissions currently are centered on the hospitality industry.


Brand-propietary and independent hotel property management systems (PMS') each produce distinct reports. This tool is meant for multi-brand management companies who use two or more different PMS', and is meant specifically meant for forecasting (future rooms sold) reports. This tool brings all the information into one dashboard, provides simple metrics and information, as well as email alerts. is a simple database search of Texas Hotel Occupancy Tax and Mixed Beverage Tax receipts. This tool provides historic data, simple metrics, and a variety of insights.

Hotel Touch Point

Hotel Touch Point is a web application that provides a safe and uniform way for hotels to communicate with incoming or in-house guests via email and SMS.

Package Booking Experience

Package Booking Experience (PBX) provides a simple way to sell packaged vacations on the internet.


Suiterunner collects financial information through various API's and AI. The data is then processed, generating accounting entries automatically in cloud-based accounting softwares.